Swiss Tourism Applied Research (STAR)

Bulle campus research unit

STAR manages consultancy projects, develops economic models, together with creating industry standards related to legislation. Being located in the heart of Switzerland’s tourist industry it is fully conscious of environmental change and modifications to the tourism market, especially the notion of niche tourism, emerging markets and sustainable development.


  • Applied research for the hospitality, tourism and leisure industry.


  • To provide distinctive research in a shifting and challenging business market environment.
  • To improve quality and experience for both providers and customers within the industry through small scale management reports and also strategic developments of destinations.


  • Tourism and Leisure Marketing
  • Cultural and Community Tourism
  • Tourism Economics and Emerging Markets
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • eTourism
  • Adventure Tourism
  • Hospitality Operations
  • Tourism Education
  • Economic Indices


Industry and academia at both international and community levels of delivery

Consulting Projects
  • Collaboration with Fribourg Tourism Bureau

    LRG Research Centre continues to collaborate with the Fribourg Tourism Bureau. In agreement with Dr Thomas Steiner, the Director of Fribourg Tourism, the LRG Research Centre had agreed to develop a number of research projects related to the topics of wine tourism, sustainability indicators, sustainable tourism, among other subjects.


  • Collaboration with Federal Department of Economic Affairs

    An interdisciplinary research project that investigates the institutional environment features in the location of foreign direct investment has taken place in LRG research centre in collaboration with the Federal Department of Economic Affairs. This research project aims to evaluate Swiss foreign direct investment located abroad. Switzerland is home to some of the most important global investors and one of Europe’s largest global investors. Swiss foreign direct investment is an interesting case to examine since it has been nurtured in a well-established institutional environment.

    Rios-Morales R., Gamberger D., Schweizer M. and Brennan L. (Forthcoming-2013).
    “Institutional Environment Features and Swiss Foreign Direct Investment”, Global Business and Economics Review, Inderscience Publishers.


  • Sustainable business futures for adventure tourism actors in UK’s environmentally protected areas:
    The Case of Pembrokeshire Coastal and Brecon National Parks, Dr Ian Jenkins, Dr Ruth Rios-Morales,Ralph Cevera, STAR

    The purpose of this research was to investigate business sustainability in two UK national parks, using adventure tourism businesses as indicators of sustainable measures taken. This research is part of a proposed 3 staged research project, which expects to compare its findings with the Swiss and USA national park networks. The current research targets the Brecon Beacon National Park and the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in Wales, UK . The research was designed to investigate whether the theoretical understanding of sustainability was actually being initiated by businesses.

    To be presented and published in proceedings at Euromed 2012

    From Cradle-to-Cradle: Food Sourcing and Attitudes of Restaurants to Sustainable Developments. The Cases of the Caribbean, USA, Switzerland and Wales

    Dr Ian Jenkins, Professor Robert Bristow, Ralph Cervera, STAR (Swiss Tourism Applied Research), LRG-University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland & Westfield State University, Massachusetts, USA

    This research investigates how restaurants are addressing sustainability. Restaurants are at the forefront of tourism and an integral part of tourism systems and businesses; therefore it was considered that food outlets would have specific opinions and views on sustainable development. However, it is clear that sustainability and its definitions are not always cohesively understood or for that matter delivered by businesses in the tourism industry. This study has an international focus, sampling restaurants in the USA, Caribbean, Switzerland and UK. It has been divided into a number of project stages and is a co-operation between two universities. The initiative for this study came from previous research using the Global Sustainability Tourism Criteria (GSTC 2009) for evaluating how tourism businesses were applying sustainable measures. The GSTC criteria have been used by this study to evaluate the attitudes of restaurants to sustainable development.

    To be presented and published at EuroChrie 2012. Also to be published as book Chapter Cambridge Scholars Publishing The book is entitled: ‘Innovative Business Practices: Prevailing a Turbulent Era’ expected publication 2012

Faculty-led unpaid consultancy projects aim to provide research valuable to our industry partners. Many of these projects involve the investigation of situations in hospitality contexts (e.g., hotels) to explore the forces which affect employee and/or organisational performance.

These projects may be used for academic purposes, such as the publication of conference papers and industry reports, with the agreement of the participatory organisation.  However, projects are normally confidential.

  • 02.05.2012 - Professor Dr. Rainer Schackmar, international legal expert, speaks on international sales law in the tourism sector.

    Professor Dr. Rainer Schackmar is the keynote speaker of the second colloquium organised for May 2nd, 2012. The presentation of Prof. Schackmar is entitled “International Sales Law in the Tourism Sector”.

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  • 08.03.2012 - Swiss Diplomat is Keynote Speaker at Colloquium

    Minister Max Schweizer (Dr. phil.II, Dr. h.c.,) was the keynote speaker at the colloquium organized by the LRG Research Centre on March 5th, 2012.

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EuroMED Conference, 4-5th October 2012, Glion, Montreux, Switzerland

Theme: “Building New Business Models for Success through Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Responsibility”

Les Roches-Gruyère, University of Applied Sciences is pleased to organize the 5th EuroMed Academy of Business Conference to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of its sister school Glion Institute of Higher Education. For details on the conference and panel of keynote speakers, click here

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