Swiss Hospitality Applied Research (SHARE)

Bluche campus research unit

SHARE fosters close research collaboration within the hospitality industry and promotes an exchange of knowledge with its community. The unit benefits from a long tradition in Swiss hospitality education developed in the heart of the Alps. Projects such as restaurant design and menu engineering, development strategies for ski resorts, human resources management for hotels and sustainable event management are currently under development.


  • Economic, environmental and social dimensions of a constantly changing global industry made of human interactions and relationships, namely: Hospitality.


  • Hotel, Event and Restaurant Management
  • Marketing Strategies for Hospitality
  • Food and Beverage Operations (Trends, Equipment, Design, Safety)
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Human Capital
  • Sustainable Development
  • Hospitality Education
  • Hospitality Trends
  • Information and Communication Technologies for Hospitality
  • Host and Guest Interactions


  • To enhance creativity in the field of hospitality
  • To reveal new business opportunities


  • Hospitality Industry
  • Faculty
  • Students
  • Alumni 
  • Authorities at regional, national and international levels
The Faculty

Dr. Ian Jenkins
Director of Research

Ian Jenkins, (BSc Econ, MPhil, PhD, University of Wales) has worked in the tourism and leisure industries for the last twenty years as a researcher, senior lecturer, consultant and director of several research units. This work has resulted in numerous publications including industry reports, conference papers, academic articles and book chapters; he has also been a peer reviewer for journal articles. Some of the research projects he has been involved with have resulted in legislative change and improved industry standards. In addition, he has undertaken work for prestigious organisations such as UNESCO, British Council, British Standards Institute, Health and Safety Executive, VisitWales and CEN. His research and consultancy expertise ranges from niche tourism development through to risk management of adventure tourism products. Ian is currently an external examiner for the University of Birmingham at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. He has also recently been invited to be a PhD examiner at Cranfield University.



Robert A. Lewis
Deputy Director of Research

Robert A. Lewis holds a BA from American University of Paris, DES from the University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne, MSc (management) from Boston University, PGD in research methods from Kingston University London and holds a Doctorate from the University of Gloucestershire. He has over 12 years professional experience in HRM and contracts management in France. He has also acted as staff trainer at the OECD (Paris), the EU Council of Ministers (Brussels) and the EU Court of Auditors (Luxembourg). His current research focus is on flexible work methods and work-life balance. Recent projects include investigations on the effects of telework in the French national administration and work-life balance on employees in the luxury hotel industry in Italy and Switzerland.


Dimitrios Diamantis
Associate Researcher

Dimitrios Diamantis holds a BA (Hons) of Hotel Management from South Bank University, London, an MSc in Tourism Marketing from Surrey University, UK a PhD from Bournemouth University, UK and a Diploma of Marketing from Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK. Over the years, he was involved with projects for a number of Organizations, including the World Travel and Tourism Council, the World Tourism Organization, European Union as well as for a number of hotel and tourism companies. He is currently an external examiner for Manchester Metropolitan University, UK and his research and consultancy interest are in the area of sustainability, ecotourism, branding for tourism destination areas, marketing techniques and consumer behavioural studies.


Ewa Mottier-Leszner 
Associate Researcher

Ewa Mottier-Leszner holds a PhD in information systems, a MA in business information systems from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and a M.Sc. Engineer in telecommunication from the Gdansk University of Technology, Poland. Previously, Ewa taught and conducted research at the University of Applied Sciences and Art, Western Switzerland, as well as at the Faculty of Business and Economics of University of Lausanne, Switzerland. She participated in Swiss and European research projects and carried empirical studies dedicated to information technology performance in SME sector. Ewa has also experience from information technology and luxury industries. Her most recent research focuses on technology and employee sustainability management within the hospitality industry. As research associate, she currently participates in research projects involving LRG faculty in collaboration with the luxury hotel industry.

Consulting Projects
  • Collaboration with the Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

    LRG Research Centre actively collaborates with the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Bangkok to evaluate the effects of its employee centre called the ‘O-Zone’. ‘O’ stands for ‘Oriental’ which is the previous name of the hotel and ‘Zone’ represents a renovated floor of the hotel’s river wing dedicated to employee well-being. This project is overseen by the general management of the hotel and endeavours to gain deeper insight into the perceptions of luxury hotel employees’ work/life balance needs.

  • Sion Air Show 2011

    The purpose of the study is to analyze the visitor’s perception as well as the effectiveness of Breitling’s sponsorship of the Sion Air Show 2011.

    The study will measure the following variables:
    • Level of awareness of the sponsorship among visitors
    • Opinion building / reinforcement of the image of Breitling
    • Emotions associated with the Breitling brand
    • Level of fit between the sponsor and the event
    • Level of influence of the sponsorship on product knowledge
    • Likelihood of purchase

    The data to be collected for the study consists of two types.

    First, the intention and reasons behind Breitling’s decision to sponsor the event will have to be identified during an interview with representatives of the company

    Second, data regarding the six variables mentioned above will be gathered from visitors during the time of the event by using delivery and collection questionnaires. Ideally, the data collection would take place solely in the VIP area of the event in order to reduce the size of the population targeted. However, the relevancy of this choice relies on Breitling’s strategy regarding its sponsorship and target groups and therefore could still be altered if requested.

Faculty-led unpaid consultancy projects aim to provide research valuable to our industry partners.  Many of these projects involve the investigation of situations in hospitality contexts (e.g., hotels) to explore the forces which affect employee and/or organisational performance.

These projects may be used for academic purposes, such as the publication of conference papers and industry reports, with the agreement of the participatory organisation.  However, projects are normally confidential.

  • Book discussion and signing ‘Business Ethics’ by Dr. Mark Esposito
    22nd October 2012, 5.45pm – 6.45pm
    Bluche Campus, Lecture Theatre One

    Dr. Mark Esposito is a member of the faculty at Harvard University, Division of Continuing Education and an Associate Professor in the department of People, Organizations and Society, at Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France. At Harvard, Mark teaches Systems Thinking and Complexity Management and serves as Affiliate Faculty and Institutes Council Co-Leader, at the Microeconomics of Competitiveness program (MOC) at Professor Michael Porter’s Institute of Strategy and Competitiveness.

    Business Ethics
    A Critical Approach: Integrating Ethics Across the Business World

    Edited by Patrick O’Sullivan, Mark Smith, Mark Esposito

    The book brings ethical considerations back to the heart of the business curriculum and in doing so, provides a companion for the progressive business student throughout their university career.

    Using four guiding principles – a critical multi-level approach rooted in the tradition of European social theory and seminally introduced by the authors, Business Ethics wants to represent a fresh and comparative perspective of subject-specific issues.

  • EuroMED Conference, 4-5th October 2012, Glion, Montreux, Switzerland

    Theme: “Building New Business Models for Success through Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Responsibility”

    Les Roches-Gruyère, University of Applied Sciences is pleased to organize the 5th EuroMed Academy of Business Conference to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of its sister school Glion Institute of Higher Education.

    For details on the conference and panel of keynote speakers, click here

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