Posted on 25 July 2009 · Posted in News

By Caroline Pulfrey

July 2009: Caroline Pulfrey, one of five European graduate Social Psychology students chosen to attend the Society for Personality and Social Psychology bi-annual summer school, spent two weeks at Northwestern University in Evanston, Chicago at the Summer Institute of Social Psychology (SISP) along with approximately eighty students from a wide range of US universities. Funding from the EAESP and the Fonds National Suisse covered travel expenses.

“I attended Adam Galinsky and Michael Morris’ course on the psychology of Conflict and Negotiation. The course addressed a wide range of aspects of the psychology of negotiations, for example how culture, emotions, gender, power, status and other demographic or psychological variables affect the negotiation process. In addition, we participated in a range of different negotiation situations and analyzed outcomes and behavior post-hoc. This, as well as the more wide-ranging analysis of conflict resolution and identity negotiation, allowed us to gain an understanding of the concept of negotiation as human interaction at both micro and macro levels.

These two weeks have really helped me to develop significant synergies between my current research work and new areas of psychological inquiry, to establish valuable contacts with graduate students from all over the United States and to enrich my current research and teaching work. Consequently, I thoroughly recommend other faculty to think about participating in further education intensive courses as they can be professionally beneficial in a multitude of ways”.

The Conflict and Negotiation group with instructors Adam Galinsky and Michael Morris