LRG-UAS piloting project with luxury hotel in the principality of Monaco

Posted on 29 July 2011 · Posted in News

Robert Lewis, lecturer and researcher at the Bluche campus of LRG-UAS campus is piloting an extensive project which attempts to evaluate work/life balance issues from the perspective of luxury hotel employees in the Principality of Monaco. How does work/life balance affect workers in an industry known for long hours, high levels of stress and little private time? This investigation attempts to bring these issues in a Monegasque luxury hotel context to light. To encompass this investigation, the following two research questions were asked during structured interviews with four luxury hotel general managers and HR managers in the Principality:

  • What are the effects of work/life balance for hotel employees in the Monegasque context?
  • What are the links between work/life balance issues in the case of a Monaco-based hotel and the ability to develop and/or maintain effective work/life balance programs?

The results of these enquiries will provide industry feedback and support academic research on this topic. Next steps include an in-depth case study investigation to compare work/life balance perceptions of employees and their line managers in a luxury hotel in Monaco.