Laureate announces new global education model for LRG-UAS, Glion & Les Roches

Posted on 3 December 2012 · Posted in News

Laureate Hospitality Education aims to increase student access to international study opportunities by investing in a new global education model.

Laureate Hospitality Education (LHE) is leading its Swiss institutions, including LRG-UAS, Glion and Les Roches, into a new era of global hospitality higher education. The institutions will be extending their global reach with a new campus in the UK and adding international program offerings.
In recent years, students and employers have shown a rising interest in global education experiences that develop soft-skills, cultural awareness, and wider industry perspectives. To meet this demand, Laureate is investing in infrastructure, academic programs and faculty: in the last 7 years they have invested more than $60 million Swiss francs in the Swiss hospitality programs and infrastructure. Similar investments are planned and will continue in 2013 and beyond. In particular, a new Glion campus will open in London in August 2013, providing new transfer opportunities and internships resources in Europe’s largest center of tourism and business.

For the students of Les Roches-Gruyère University of Applied Sciences, the Swiss university status and accreditation has strictly limited the possibility for global program offerings in the past. To prepare for today’s competitive job market, hospitality students need more diversity in courses, increased global learning opportunities, and expanded degree programs beyond what can be offered through LRG-UAS. For this reason, Laureate has announced that it will not be expanding the LRG-UAS program. However,  the university will continue admitting new students until July 2013. Current LRG-UAS students will be able to continue their program through to graduation and will they be able to take advantage of the new transfer options in the LHE global network.

This transition to a global education model, and the subsequent changes and investments, are all geared to provide Laureate’s Swiss institutions with the right structure, capacity, experience and resources to grow and meet student needs for international study experiences, internships, and career resources in 2013 and beyond.

For more information about current LRG-UAS Status :

The LRG University of Applied Sciences is licensed, authorized and approved through the OPET government office (Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology) in Bern. Please see below the link of their website and their reference to LRG.

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The following statement can also be found on the same website under the section*Principles*.
“In 2008, the Federal Council conducted a follow-up review of these UAS and came to a mostly positive conclusion regarding their state of development. Provided that legal requirements are met, private institutions may also obtain Federal Council approval to become universities of applied sciences. Thus far, this has been the case for two private UAS: Kalaidos in 2005 and Les Roches-Gruyère in 2008”

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