Internships in Hospitality

Internships are a key part of the Swiss educational model of hands-on training. Through real-life experience in a fast-paced business environment, you will gain cultural perspective, self-awareness and a professional attitude to prepare you for your future career in hospitality.

  • Discover your Potential – During the preparatory year of your program, you will complete a first internship to discover the hospitality industry and learn more about your own strengths and professional interests.
  • Exercise your Skills – The second internship in the second year of the BSc programme will allow you to exercise your supervisory techniques and project management skills in a department or location that will further develop your competencies.
  • Build your CV – The standard internship is 5-6 months in length (4 month minimum for ski resorts). These internship opportunities will allow you to gain experience and fill your CV before completing your degree.

As an LRG-UAS student, you will benefit from the professional internship and career development departments located on your campus in Bulle or Bluche.

Listen to Kenny talk about his internship at Island Shangri-la Hotel, Hong Kong as an Executive Club Concierge


Our internship placements are promoted through a structured system for getting students started and supporting them throughout the internship process. From day one, you will be exposed to a variety of internship resources:

  • Internship Fair on Bluche campus: presented by returning students during the first week
  • Internship presentations during Preparatory Programme Induction on Glion campus
  • Published internship offers: average 3 offers per student
  • Company Visits: 20-30 per campus with presentations and interviews


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The possibilities are endless! As an LRG-UAS student you will benefit from the resources and reputation built by Glions’ and Les Roches’ long standing relationships with hospitality companies around the globe. For example, we now have LRG-UAS students on internship in world class hotels and resorts such as:

  • Grand Hyatt, Beijing, China
  • The Marriott Hua Ling, Thailand
  • Radisson SAS, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • The Ritz Carlton in New York City, USA
  • Kempinski Mirador, Mt. Pelerin, Switzerland

Contact Us to apply for an LRG-UAS programme and get started planning where you might go for your internship experience.