Despite the economic challenges facing many sectors right now, people who choose the right place to study are preparing for new opportunities in the future. International Hospitality Education is still one of the fastest ways to achieve professional success at a young age, so you know you can fast track your way to the top.

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Tuition & Other Fees Price List

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What Tuition and Other Fees cover and don’t cover

Tuition & other fees cover:

Tuition, internet and e-mail access within the campus, some events and facilities (ie. conferences, leisure and sports activities, library), school nurse, administration costs, professional clothes (kitchen and service), laundry and ironing of professional clothes, other school supplies, visitor’s tax, cantonal and communal taxes, administration charges for the visa and work permit (excluding where there are legal and court charges, if the visa or permit is refused and an appeal is made), administration charges for internships, Swiss VAT, membership for the Alumni Association, tutoring (when necessary), industry presentation, examiner fees and career advice. Any unused services, clothes, school supplies, benefits, etc. included in the tuition and fees are non refundable.

Tuition & Other fees do not cover
Damage deposit, books, accident insurance (professional and non-professional), health insurance, parking, special / single accommodation, personal expenses including travel to and from the school and the internship site, pocket money.

Terms & Conditions

Application Fee: An application fee of CHF. 100.- is required with each application form. Complete credit card information must be provided. This fee is not refundable.

Pre-payment: Upon acceptance of your application, a pre-payment of CHF. 3,000.- must be paid with 30 days from the date of the acceptance letter. Payments can be made in Swiss francs by bank transfer, cheque or credit card. This pre-payment confirms your place in the programme and is deducted from the first semester’s invoice. Pre-payment is refundable if a written cancellation is posted before the 15th of November for the winter intake and by the 15th May for the summer intake.

Damage Deposit: A refundable damage deposit of CHF. 1,000.- is required to cover any damage caused to LRG-UAS property by the student during his/her studies. It is payable at the time of the first semester invoice and is refundable 3 months after completion of the academic programme.

Payments: Payments should be made in full and in Swiss francs no later than the 15th of November for the winter intake and by the 15th May for the summer intake by bank transfer, cheque or credit card. Students will not be permitted to begin their studies until payment for the semester has been received. Swiss Resident permit, academic degrees are only delivered / awarded when all fees and charges have been paid.

Refund Policy and Review of Fees: The tuition and fees paid for each semester are non refundable. If a student is dismissed or withdraws from the programme, only the fees covering the accommodation and full board are reimbursed (proportional to the number of weeks remaining in the semester). LRG-UAS reserves the right to review and modify the tuition and fees of each semester at any time and without prior notice.

Health Insurance: Students are required to have a health insurance recognised by the Swiss authorities (information is available from the campus reception). Students in their first semester of studies are required to take the health insurance provided by the school, then students with no recognised coverage will be registered at the most competitive rate.

Other Expenses: It is estimated that students require a minimum of CHF. 400.- / 500.- per month to finance their out-of-pocket expenses such as snacks and drinks, entertainment, personal supplies, laundry, etc.

Room, Board and Parking Options

GIHE* and Bulle campus

Double room and board is included in the main fees, however, subject to availability, students can book a different room or parking option at an additional cost. For parking and room availability and prices, please check with each campus reception. Since demand is high and the number of rooms is limited, students will be given priority on a first paid first served basis.

Prices below are in Swiss francs per person and per semester in addition to the double room fee:

  • Single room vary from CHF. 1,500.- to 4,200.-
* Glion Institute of Higher Education is our sister school which is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) in the USA and is not part of LRG-University of Applied Sciences. It is the location where the non degree preparatory semester is delivered for the “International Hospitality Management” specialisation.

Bluche campus

Bluche campus offer a variety of double and single rooms. Most double rooms are Category B, however a limited number of double room Category A are available. Since demand is high and the number of rooms is limited, students will be given priority on a first paid first served basis.

Prices below are in Swiss francs per person and per semester:

  • Double room Category A: CHF. 3,990.-
  • Double Room Category B: CHF. 5,590.-
  • Single Room: CHF. 2,800.- (please note that this price is in addition to category A).
  • Parking permit: CHF. 800.-

Rooms in Category A include the following buildings: St-François, Pré-Fleuri A, Tacot and accommodation in Crans-Montana.
Rooms in Category B include the following buildings: main campus, Peter’s Farm, Les Cheminots, Café du Village (CDV), Pré-Fleuri B & C.

PLEASE NOTE: the entire campus has a non smoking policy that applies in all the residence bedrooms. *For Peter’s Farm, TV and fridge are included in the above price. Les Cheminots apartments accommodate 2 to 6 students in either double or single bedrooms, have TV, fridge, shared work / study area, equipped kitchen and bathroom.

Special conditions for Swiss citizens and C permit holders

Swiss passport holders and students living in Switzerland with a C permit, can benefit from a special reduction on the tuition fee as follows:

  • Programme  % of tuition fee
  • BSC LRG-UAS PREP :  25%
  • BSC S1 + S2:  25%
  • BSC S4 + S5 + S6:  25 %

Swiss C permit holders with parents living in Switzerland will need to provide a valid proof of Swiss residency each semester.

Students Loans for French Students

BNP Paribas offers to French students the opportunity to obtain a student loan to finance your studies at LRG-UAS. Please click here for more information.