The Six unique features of LRG-University of Applied Sciences

As the only private Swiss university of applied sciences to offer international hospitality management degrees, we are a unique institution that is both innovative and grounded in tradition.


Swiss Authorisation & European Accreditation

LRG-University of Applied Sciences is fully authorised by the Swiss Federal Authorities. Our programmes meet the European Bologna standards and use the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). This system allows you to transfer or carry on your studies in other European universities, or anywhere in the world.

Experience & Excellence

We share 50 years of combined experience and the extensive facilities of Glion Institute of Higher Education and Les Roches international School of Hotel Management. These two institutions are ranked among the top hospitality schools in the world for an international career (TNS, 2010).*

Internships & Global Career Resources

LRG-UAS integrates professional resources into every aspect of the University through internships, visits from 30-50 hospitality organizations per semester, guest lectures, and a full-time career department. The result: 84% of our graduates had a job offer by the day the graduated.

Multicultural Student Life

At LRG-UAS, you will find yourself living and learning with students from 90-100 different countries and interacting with our experienced faculty members from around the globe. This environment will develop your skills for understanding and managing cultural diversity in the international world of hospitality.


BSc in Hospitality Management with Specialisations

We’ve developed 6 different specialisations to give you the opportunity to focus on business areas that interest and motivate you. These specialisations allow you to become a business specialist in preparation for your future career and add an extra value to your general business education.

A Semester Abroad

To prepare you for the multi-cultural environment of the hospitality industry, LRG-UAS gives you the chance to spend one semester studying in a dynamic university environment in Europe, Australia or the USA.



*LRG-UAS shares campus facilities, faculty and academic resources with Glion Institute of Higher Education and Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, our sister schools. These schools are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) in the USA. They are not part of the federally authorised UAS.