The University of Applied Sciences benefits from both an international and experienced faculty. It is a federal requirement that all faculty members have credentials appropriate to the level they teach and keep up-to-date with current industry trends through contact with the profession. Our faculty members also undertake research which informs and enriches their teaching strategy.

It enables them to:

  • Educate students in purposefully designed learning environments. Offer programmes responsive to the needs of the market in service industries.
  • Design programmes that reflect European standards of quality and integrate applied research.
  • Connect experience with theory during both academic and internship semesters.
  • Ensure that students understand the approaches to knowledge of the broad areas of human learning.
  • Assure that graduates meet the intended educational outcomes.
  • Create a learning and working environment that is transparent, operates with integrity and is respectful to all members of the community.
  • Develop an understanding and commitment to sustainable business practices. Enrol an appropriately-qualified, multi-national student body.
  • Equip students with core, transferable skills such as communications, creativity, and critical thinking.