Our programmes are designed using the combined expertise of over 75 years of educational know-how. Les Roches International School of Hotel Management* and Glion Institute of Higher Education* have come together to create LRG-University of Applied Sciences, a new university authorised by the Swiss Government since July 2, 2008.

Our programmes are offered at 2 locations, Bulle for the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management with a specialisation in International Hospitality Management or Bluche with a specialisation in Food, Beverage and Operations Management. This year, we added two additional “minor” specialisations on each campus enriching the programme content in finance, human resources, design or events.

Our Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) and Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS), are for postgraduate students offered on the Bulle and Bluche campuses. These programmes have been designed in partnership by faculty and the industry in order to meet your career needs and the industry expectations.

A key component of our curricula is action based learning where students learn by hands on experience, using problem based learning approaches and real live projects or case studies. Turning theory into practice and creating reflective practitioners is a key differentiator in our curriculum design.

Transforming young adults into effective professionals working within complex service environments means that we also work with students outside the classroom. Students are encouraged to develop soft skills and absorb “an attention to detail” approach to their work and their self management: Swiss work ethos.

The international environment of more than 90 nationalities on our campuses means that students are confronted from day one with the need to understand cultural diversity and develop strategies to understand other people’s perspectives. This setting gives an excellent start to their international careers where consideration of multi-cultural guests, clients and colleagues will be central to their working lives.

The tourism industry is vast and multi-dimensional and we are here to provide you with a solid education and the appropriate skills to launch your career in this exciting, fast moving and innovative industry. Whether you choose hotels, restaurants, catering, events, leisure, tourism, facility design, marketing, revenue management…; the career opportunities are endless!

Michael Huckaby
Interim CEO



The mission of the University of Applied Sciences is to support the education of an international student body committed to leadership positions in service industries, such as hospitality or tourism management. Our vision is that our graduates will embody the values of rigour in their work, a strong team spirit, flexibility in problem solving, dedication to service, a global perspective, and respect for other cultures. We realise this vision in our undergraduate programmes by providing close faculty-student interaction in both traditional class-based and problem-based learning environments. These environments give students the practice, theories, and support to develop values, the essential tools for immediate employment, and the desire for continued learning as they progress in their careers. Our graduate programmes similarly balance theory with practice to meet the individualised needs of professionals. The University of Applied Sciences also seeks to undertake applied research relevant to the development of the Hospitality Industry and seeks to share that both internationally amongst peers and within the institution as part of our faculty teaching and learning strategies.

Honouring and building on the strong reputations, traditions, and histories of the Glion Institute of Higher Education* and Les Roches International School of Hotel Management*, LRG-University of Applied Sciences, undertakes to provide the strategic vision and support that enable its faculty to:

  • Educate students in purposefully designed learning environments
  • Offer and develop programs responsive to the needs of the market in service industries
  • Design programs that reflect European standards of quality and integrate applied research
  • Enrol an appropriately-qualified, multi-national student body
  • Connect experience with theory during both academic and internship semesters
  • Ensure that students understand the approaches to knowledge of the broad areas of human learning
  • Equip students with core, transferable skills such as communications, creativity, and critical thinking
  • Assure that graduates meet the intended educational outcomes
  • Create a learning and working environment that is transparent, operates with integrity and is respectful to all members of the community.


LRG-University of Applied Sciences is authorised by the Swiss Federal Authorities since the 2nd of July 2008. Its Bachelor of Science meets European Bologna standards and allows students to transfer or carry on studies in other European universities, or anywhere in the world.

For more information, please visit the website of the Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology of the Swiss Confederation.

Please note that some pages are not available in English.


*Glion Institute of Higher Education and Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, our sister schools, are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) in the USA. They are not part of the federally authorised UAS.